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  • CPS 5900 - Gas Protection Suit

    CPS 5900

     CPS 5900 is a light weight and disposable chemical protective suit which offers protection against hazardous gasses, liquids, and particles.

  • PAC 3500

    Draeger Pac® 3500

    Workplace safety devices need to be fast and accurate. That is why the Dräger Pac 3500 is ideal for the personal monitoring of industrial carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, along with being...

  • PAC 5000

    Draeger Pac® 5500

    Long-lasting quality is key when it comes to workplace safety. The Dräger Pac 5500 has no lifetime limitation and is ideal for fast and accurate personal monitoring and detection of carbon...

  • PAC 7000

    Draeger Pac® 7000

    Safety in the workplace always takes top priority. The Dräger Pac 7000 provides a reliable warning against dangerous concentrations of 12 different gases depending on the sensor selection...

  • Dräger FPS 7000 Spectacle Kit Dräger FPS 7000 Spectacle Kit

    Dräger FPS 7000 Spectacle Kit

    SCBA Spec Kit Not all of us are blessed with 20/20 vision. Dräger offers the spec kit for those of us who need glasses. It integrates into the FPS 7000 full-face mask for immediate use. Just...

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  • Dräger UCF® FireVista

    Dräger UCF® FireVista

     SAFETY+ ​Ideally suited for firefighting When fire, smoke and darkness make firefighting difficult, the Dräger thermal imaging camera provides a vital sense of orientation, supporting...

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