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Water Delivery Equipment

FYR-TEK has the highest quality water delivery equipment and water tanks available on the market today. Readiness and preparation is imperative when it comes to fighting fires, and the right nozzles and valves can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your valuable personnel. The latest technology in water delivery equipment can benefit your fire department as well, so be sure to check our water delivery equipment for special features like electrical valves for remote location control and bumper mount remote control monitors. We also offer a large selection of fire hose, portable water tanks, and backpacks to meet your department’s changing needs. Make sure your fire department is always ready to respond with the proper water delivery equipment and high-quality water tanks. Give us a call today at (800) 473-8903 and don’t forget to ask about our special pricing options.

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    Husky Standard Foldable Portable Tank

    Husky® port-a-tank liners are designed with no bulky corners full of excess material that you don't need. Our patent-pending manufacturing process allows us to use one continuous piece of heavy duty 22 oz. vinyl for the side panel, which is then...

  • Protek #360 Nozzle

    PROTEK #360 Nozzle

    The 1" NH 5-10-24-40 gpm nozzle with a pistol grip is a fearless partner in any situation.  This nozzle is small, lightweight, yet durable, which makes it the best choice for a 1" nozzle. It has a 360 degree selectable gallonage of 5, 10,...

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  • Self Supporting Husky Water Tanks

    Husky® Self-Supporting Water Tanks are the perfect solution when storage and manpower are a concern. One man set-up frees up personnel, and because these tanks are frameless, there is no assembly required and they are easy to transport and store...