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Keep your fire department’s trucks, equipment, and rescue tools looking and functioning their best with Chief’s Shield aluminum and metal cleaner and brightener. You’ve already made the investment in quality firefighting equipment and the right cleaners can eliminate the damage caused by manual cleaning and scrubbing. The proven cleaners that FYR-TEK offers are excellent in caring for diamond plates and the wheels on your trucks. They gently yet powerfully remove oxidation and rust stains from aluminum and are completely safe to be used on decals, treated, or painted surfaces. You can save money with Chief’s Shield cleaner kits which typically come with a pump-up foamer, a supply of aluminum and metal cleaner, and a short-handled brush. Call FYR-TEK today at (800) 473-8903 to learn more about the acid-free cleaners we have in stock.

  • Shield Solutions Aluminum & Metal Cleaner

    This Aluminum and Metal cleaner made by Shield Solutions is the superior choice when it comes to cleaning metal surfaces.  The non-acidic base prevents against pitting, and it removes oxidation without attacking polished surfaces.  This product...

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  • Shield Solutions Aluminum Cleaner Kit

    This kit includes the Aluminum and Metal cleaner, a short scrub brush, and the sprayer.  The  Aluminum and Metal cleaner made by Shield Solutions is the superior choice when it comes to cleaning metal surfaces.  The non-acidic...

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  • Turnout Gear & PPE Wash

    The Shield Solutions Turnout Gear wash has been carefully developed to ensure the safe cleaning of all firefighting turnout gear and other PPE. It has been successfully tested on the outer shell, moisture barrier and thermal inner fabrics...

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