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Viking Turnout Gear

“The bunker gear is great! Hands down the best turnout gear I have ever seen, and it looks awesome. We have received several compliments and been asked where we got it. I am hoping to replace all of our bunker gear with it.  Thanks."

 Mike Harimon - Fire Chief at Bayard Fire Department 


    DUPONT™ NOMEX® NANO FLEX HOOD VIKING’s new triple-layered hood help protect your neck, ears and jaw area from dangerous particles. It is the latest breakthrough in barrier protection for firefighter hoods. Between layers of comfortable...

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  • NFPA Viking Gear NFPA Viking Pant

    NFPA Viking Bunker Gear

    VIKING Fire-fighter Coat NFPA compliant Fire-Fighter coat, fits pants PS1160. VIKING turnout coats are top of the line - from the features to the finish. VIKING designers use special combinations of materials that make the turnout coats as lightweight...

  • Viking Duo Bunker Gear Viking Duo Gear Drag Strap

    NFPA Viking Duo Bunker Gear

    VIKING Fire-fighter Coat, DUO NFPA compliant Comes in following materials Hainsworth® TITAN CROSSTECH® Iso'Air® Available in black, gold, red, orange, yellow and lime green Extremely lightweight NYC trim package Convertible radio...