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Foam & Fire Extinguishing Equipment

FYR-TEK offers fire fighting foam, foam equipment, and fire extinguishers for effective and quick fire suppression. One of the popular fire suppression foams by Micro-Blaze Out® penetrates quickly with its proven cooling agents which makes this fire suppression foam an excellent way to combat tire fires. Many of the fire suppression foams we sell can be used on whatever proportioning and delivery system you may already have in place. Or if you need new fire suppression foam equipment, we have Propak and Foam Pro systems and controls. A variety of the fire suppression foam equipment that we stock is U/L listed for both Class A and Class B fires and has proven successful for forestry, wildland, structure, tire, and other deep seeded fire situations. We also have fire suppression foams in stock that are environmentally friendly, completely biodegradable, and contain no federally reported chemicals. Feel free to browse our extensive inventory of fire extinguishers too.

  • AFFF A/R 3-6% Foam 5 Gallon Pails

    AFFF A/R 3-6% Foam 5 Gallon Pails

    Chemguard 3% x 6% AR-AFFF C363 is a specially formulated, aqueous film forming free flowing viscous foam concentrate. It forms a vapor suppressing aqueous film on hydrocarbon type fuels or a polymeric membrane on polar solvent/water miscible type fuels...

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  • Cap Blue SQ-Class A Plus Foam 5-Gal Pail

    Cap Blue SQ-Class A Plus Foam 5-Gal Pail

    Chemguard Class "A" is a non-corrosive, non-toxic, biodegradable foam concentrate. When mixed with water in the correct proportion, it changes the properties of water. It reduces the surface tension of the water and produces foam, which allows the water...

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  • Chem-Attack Class A

    Description CHEMGUARD CHEMATTACK foam concentrate is a low-, medium-, and high-expansion Class A fire control foam concentrate formulated from specialty hydrocarbon surfactants, stabilizers, and solvents. CHEMATTACK foam solution is effective on...

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  • Micro-Blaze Out Plus 5 Gallon

    Micro-Blaze Out Plus 5 Gallon

    Non-toxic and biodegradable, Micro-Blaze Out Class A/B Foam is the only patented microbial fire fighting agent on the market today. It is an innovative fire fighting foam that exhibits quick knockdown of hydrocarbon fires and then quickly goes to...

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