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  • Holmatro XR 4360 Extendo Ram Extended Holmatro XR 4360 Extendo Ram Extended

    Holmatro XR 4360 Extendo Ram

    The Holmatro XR 4360 is a lightweight, manually extendable for quicker positioning, and it also enables more precise positioning.  This Extendo Ram has 100 kN (22,481 lb) pushing force at every length with no loss of power over full stroke.

  • HRS 22 NCT Ram support

    Holmatro HRS 22 NCT Ram Support

    The HRS 22 NCT ram support provides a wider support for the wider door sills and B-pillars of new model cars.  It also has teeth that provide grip, reducing the risk of the ram support slipping or tilting.  This also aids on smaller sills and...

  • 4340 Holmatro Telescopic Ram

    Holmatro 4340 Telescopic Ram

    The Holmatro 4340 short telescopic ram has the innovative rotational grip heads and the Deadman's Handle, improving one-hand operation and perfect grip.  The patent pending speed valve provides for up to 35% faster opening speeds.

  • Holmatro 4331 Ram

    Holmatro 4331 RAM

    The 4331 Holmatro RAM features rotational grip heads which provide a perfect grip in any situation.  Combined with a deadman's handle and a patent pending speed valve for up to 35% faster opening speeds, this RAM is a powerful tool. ...