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FYR-TEK refurbished forestry truck built for Chapman Fire & Rescue Dept. 7/2012


  • 1,200-gallon Westside poly tank

  • 5-gallon aluminum fuel tank

  • Electric 10" quick dump

  • All stainless steel plumbing

  • Custom striping

  • 2,100-gallon stainless steel FoldaTank rack

  • Tool and hose compartment on driver's side       


Looking to have FYR-TEK refurbish a truck for your fire department? Give our staff a call today: 1-800-473-8903  


"We received a surplus federal surplus 6X6 from the Nebraska Forest Service and had it built into a tanker/wildland firefighting rig. We supplied FYR-TEK with some equipment from our old 6X6 to help build us a great all terrain truck.  It has a 1200 gallon tank, power rear dump and 2 spray bars on the front for a one man operation. An 18 hp pump motor with 350 gallon pump and 1 3/4 hose bed that will store 200 ft of hose. Cabinet for storing shovel and other firefighting gear. They also built 2 firefighter cages to run on the hose bed to fight fire with 1" hose lines with 13 to 60 gallon nozzles."


Chapman Fire Chief

Francis W McCulla

Vice- President Chapman Rural Fire Protection District






 download the fyr-tek catalog

* PDF catalog is approximately 14 MB