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FYR-TAK grass rig built for Gothenburg Rural Fire District 2/2009


  • C5500Kodiak 2-Door 4x4 diesel chassis

  • 11' flat bed with compartments under bed

  • 650- to 750-gallon poly tank

  • Diesel pump and engine

  • NFPA lighting package

  • 2 super booster reel with one roller guide

  • Two-nozzle spray bar

  • Tornado remote nozzle

  • Foam Pro 1600 Foam System

  • Custom striping

  • Painted tank

  • Quick dump valve


Looking to have a FYR-Attack truck built for your fire department? Give our staff a call today:


Customer Response

"We have two trucks like this built by    FYR-TEK. We are very happy with the way these trucks handle and will serve our department for many years."

Mark Ballmer
Gothenburg Fire Chief



 download the fyr-tek catalog

* PDF catalog is approximately 14 MB