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FYR-TAK truck built for Hershey Fire Dept. 10/2012


  • Custom bed with headache rack

  • 500-gallon poly tank with integrated 12-gallon Class A foam tank

  • Top mount pump controls

  • Elkhart sidewinder front mount monitor

  • Aftermarket heavy-duty front bumper

  • Foam Pro 1601/Class A foam system

  • Custom LED Whelen light package

  • Custom NFPA striping


Looking to have a FYR-Attack truck built for your fire department? Give our staff a call today:


“We sat down with Chad and the FYR-TEK crew and told them what we would like them to build us for a grass rig. We were informed they had never built one like that before but they would love the challenge. We communicated several times back and forth throughout the building process and even made a couple trips to the shop to look at the truck and it turned out even better than we had planned! We are talking about maybe purchasing another truck identical to it because the FYR-TEK crew is great to work with.” 

—Gregg Fear
Hershey Fire Chief





 download the fyr-tek catalog

* PDF catalog is approximately 14 MB