Water Tenders/Tankers

Click on an image below to view a list of features that was built into each FYR-TEK custom built tanker.

tankers-copy.png mitchell-cut-out.pngsmall.png phillips-tanker.png 
  FYR-TEK Tanker - Cozad, Nebraska  FYR-TEK Tanker - Mitchell, Nebraska  FYR-TEK Tanker - Phillips, Nebraska


arnold-tanker-cut-out-small.png ord-cut-out.png  spalding-tanker-clipped.png 
  FYR-TEK Tanker - Arnold, Nebraska  FYR-TEK Tanker - Ord, Nebraska
FYR-TEK Tanker - Spalding, Nebraska


FYR-TEK Tanker - Neligh, Nebraska               FYR-TEK Tanker - Adams, Nebraska  

 download the fyr-tek catalog

* PDF catalog is approximately 14 MB