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Hershey Rescue


FYR-TEK rescue truck built for Hershey Fire Dept. 7/2012


  • Traffic advisor back window

  • Whelen 50" Justice lightbar red/blue

  • Whelen Epsilon Series siren with 9 built-in switches

  • Whelen 100-watt nylon speaker

  • Rear rollout also available through FYR-TEK


Looking to have a FYR-TEK rescue unit for your fire department and rescue team? Give our staff a call today:


“We purchased a 2008 Chevy 1500 for our rope rescue/command rig and of course we needed all the lights and siren added, so we took it to FYR-TEK to do the work and while it was there I asked if they would put in the three radios, scanner, spot light, rechargeable flashlight, and they told me absolutely. So that is what I had them do, they did a fantastic job, they made everything look very nice when they got done and they were very easy to work with.”

—Gregg Fear
Hershey Fire Chief




 download the fyr-tek catalog

* PDF catalog is approximately 14 MB