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New Car Technology Cutters

The Holmatro NCT™ cutter has superior performance on modern vehicles and more excess capacity for future developments, if your main application is vehicle accidents. 

  • Holmatro Cutter PCU50 Holmatro Cutter PCU50

    Holmatro Cutter PCU50

    Unparalleled Speed Fastest Cutter on the market, thanks to Stepless Speed Maximization (PATENTED). A mechatronic system inside the tool continuously optimize the motor and pump settings to deliver a maximized oil flow over the full pressure range ...

  • Holmatro 4050 NCT Cutter Holmatro 4050 NCT Cutter Top View

    Holmatro 4050 NCT Cutter

    The solution to superior cutting performance is partially determined by the blades of the equipment. Tool design and power however play an important role too. Holmatro therefore has extended the NCT cutter range with its strongest and best performing...

  • Holmatro 4055 NCT Cutter Rescue Tool Holmatro 4055 NCT Cutter

    Holmatro 4055 NCT Cutter

    Holmatro 4055 NCT Cutter   The 4055 NCT Cutter  is Holmatro’s strongest New Car Technology cutter.  It has a large blade opening designed for use on the latest car models. Increasing dimensions and complex constructions of A-, B-...